Did you know that you can volunteer online? The pandemic has changed how people can give and receive help, at least for now. If you find yourself at home with a little extra time on your hands, you can use it to make a difference. Volunteer Connector is a non-profit that has operated for over 65 years in Canada. They have an extensive database that includes plenty of online volunteer opportunities. The best part of all this is that you just have to be yourself, and you’ll find that’s more than enough to give. Let’s break it down: 

If you’re a marketer, graphic designer, accountant, IT specialist, legal aid, data analyst or basically anyone in a corporate field, you most likely have precisely what a non-profit organization somewhere needs. Find a cause you’re passionate about and see what you can offer them! 

Do you have a university degree or a passion for teaching? You can put that to good use by volunteering to tutor students! So many students have struggled with the transitions at school. With a few hours a week, you could virtually help a student who especially needs it. 

You can support the youth by joining online mentorship programs as well. 

You have something unique to give, your presence. Right now, many people in hospitals or isolation don’t have any loved ones to call them. Those in nursing homes and other physically vulnerable people have high restrictions regarding visitors. There is a way to help, though, and it’s through the phone. Your presence can mean so much to someone in these isolating times. 

Many support groups could also use extra hands on deck to facilitate online group discussions. 

Also, we’d like to highlight a few Calgary organizations you can donate to that help students and their families in this time: 

Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids works with schools all across the city to provide healthy lunches and snacks for students who need them. They have extended to offer their services for students enrolled in at-home-learning as well. 

Computers for Schools Alberta is an organization working to provide students with access to computers, which is especially important nowadays.If you can donate an old computer, please do! 

Consider donating to the Calgary Homeless Foundation. Families have been hit in various ways during this pandemic, and those who were struggling before are facing homelessness now. 

Finally, it must be stated that Calgarians have come together and formed strong bonds in past times of hardship, and we’re doing it again. Be part of the Calgary community and get involved today!