Top 4 Time Management Tips

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From time to time school may feel overwhelming and you may feel discouraged when it comes to prioritizing and managing your time. Follow these tips and learn how to manage your time effectively. Our list of tips includes prioritizing, planning and reviewing; all to make your life as a student a little easier.

Make a list

Making a to-do list is the first step to properly managing your time. Make sure you put the most important tasks at the top of the list and plan to get them done first. Your to-do list should also include fun things that you’re looking forward to, as long as they are properly prioritized in terms of importance.

Tip: motivate yourself with a reward if you get everything done on your list (i.e. “Go to the movies with Phil and Anne on Friday!” )

Plan for “study time”

Plan a specific time that is  devoted to studying or homework. This way, you will know ahead of time when you are available and when you need to study. During “study time” make sure your phone is off or in another room as to not get distracted. This time should not interfere with any other activities that you are already committed to (sports, extra-curricular activities and especially  part-time jobs).

Fact: Setting aside this time slot will make it easier for you to stay focused.

Review daily

Review your notes everyday to reinforce what you’ve learned and minimize study time later on. Reviewing your notes daily is the most effective way to study and can help you improve test and exam performance. Plus, you’ll be prepared if your teacher decides to have a pop quiz.

Tip: Do not wait for exam-time to study. You’re better off spending 20-30 minutes per night for a month focusing on a small portions of information.

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Get some sleep

Yes, your brain needs rest too! What if you haven’t finished everything on today’s to-do list? Well, since you prioritized your tasks, you should have been able to tackle what is most important – so add what’s left to tomorrow’s to-do list.

Fact: The National Sleep Foundation recommends that teenagers get 8.5–9.25 hours of sleep per night.