Since 2006, Guide to Schools has served as the go-to guide for parents, students and teachers regarding education in Canada. In Canada, families are fortunate to have a wide variety of options when considering the best choice of school for their child to attend. Since the possibilities can be overwhelming, Guide to Schools narrows them down so parents can stay informed.

We endeavour to address the needs of parents, students and teachers, whether educational or social, with questions such as:

  • What kind of atmosphere do parents want for their children at school?
  • How do students deal with the variety of pressures they face at school?
  • Do students prefer a structured or non-structured environment; graded or non-graded?
  • What is the average class size and total population of the school?
  • How do teachers create an optimal learning environment in their classrooms?
  • What subject knowledge and/or skills do parents want their children to acquire?
  • What ways would parents like to be involved with their child’s education: at home and at school?
  • What types of communication exist with the Principal, teachers and parents?
  • How frequently are these forms of communication used?
  • Are parents able to contact the teachers, principals, or counsellors when they want to? Is the process formalized?
Our intent is to guide parents, students and teachers in making the right choices when it comes to education in Canada. Guide to Schools publishes an annual magazine which is available for download on our website, or you can pick up a hard copy in stores. If you’re interested in contributing to Guide to Schools, please contact us.