Help Your Child Transition From Summer to School

by | News, Parent Resources

Transitioning from summer break back to school can be a hectic and stressful time for the entire family. We have some helpful advice for getting your kids ready for the upcoming school year.

The first order of business is to shift your child’s sleep schedule from summer mode to school mode. Start by gradually imposing a slightly earlier bedtime and earlier wake-up time each day. To help your child wind-down before bed, you should also make their exciting activities end earlier in the evening. This means they are not coming home from a friend’s house full of energy an hour before bedtime. To help your child begin waking up earlier, reward them by letting them do a fun activity or play a game when they wake up. Even if you adjust your child’s bed routine, many children will not get adequate sleep the first week of school due to nerves!

Next, you should help your child reinvent their homework and study space. Often times, if your child has a desk or study area, it turns into a “catch-all” spot over summer vacation. Help your child reorganize their workspace, or maybe even pick a new study spot from last year’s. Ask your child if they would like background music, snacks or drinks at their study space. You may have to make adjustments throughout the school year, but the important thing is to make a study area that your child wants to spend time in.

You can cut down on the school-morning chaos by running through your child’s morning routine a few times before school starts. Help your child pick out outfits, figure out a good morning routine and let them help you make their healthy lunch. Practicing a morning routine a few times will make it easier for your kids to transition into the school year.

Everyone at Guide to Schools is wishing Alberta kids, parents and teachers a happy and productive school year!