The Value of Homework

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Are you concerned that you child is being overworked? When it comes to homework, parents often wonder if their child’s workload is normal for their grade level. Should parents get involved? And does homework improve learning? These are all valid concerns based around the value of homework.

How Much Is Too Much?

How much homework is too much? Although homework loads vary by the school your child attends, parents often compare their child’s homework level with the amount they used to have. A father of an eighth-grade student attempted to complete her homework load for a week and was rather alarmed by the time required. His conclusion was “Give the kids a break, once in a while.” This is a valuable concern, but reading the teacher’s rebuttal makes it clear that instructors would never get through the required material if homework were not assigned. This puts teachers in a challenging position.

Should Parents Get Involved?

This is a personal choice. Some advise that parents should resist getting involved. It is in fact your child’s homework to complete, not yours. On the other hand, if your child is struggling, its difficult to avoid helping them. Parents should do what they feel is right. With a good mix of monitoring, coaching and encouragement, your level of involvement should come naturally.

Does It Improve Learning?

There are multiple perspectives on how homework can affect or improve learning long term. There are studies that vouch for homework, saying that in subjects of math and science, repetition is critical in order to get a full grasp of the course material. Studies say that the reinforcement and extension of class that homework provides facilitates a stronger learning ethic.

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