The Future is Here: Robotics in the Classroom

by | Technology

Kids will be learning more than just dance moves from robots these days because robotics is hitting schools harder than the Terminator! The future of education lies in STEM, which is an acronym for science, technology, engineering and math. Robotics can teach students all of these essential skills, and it’s all because of robotics in the classroom.

Here are some awesome Robots you can expect to see in a school near you!


Incredible hardware and powerful software all in one! EZ-robot is designed to help students build their own personal robots from the ground up. They have humanoid, hexapod and rover-style robots, which all use Clip-and-Play technology, allowing children to learn and customize their robot every step of the way. These robots have voice and facial recognition, can do the YMCA, and can even drop like Robocop and give you 10 push-ups!

Kids can teach their robot custom voice commands or use a controller to move him around. These robots also have advanced vision features enabling learning, detection and tracking abilities, and can interact with objects, colours, faces, motion, glyphs, and QR Codes. Moreover, they extend the power of many commercial robot platforms and have mobile device support to control their robot from a smartphone or tablet. They can even add in smart avoidance controls to give their robot autonomous compatibilities. And to top it all off, EZ-robot is a Canadian company!

NAO Next Gen: Aldebaran Robotics

NAO is a 58-cm tall humanoid robot that can move, recognize you, hear you, talk to you and even catch! This very animated Jetson-style robot has already been used in education in more than 70 countries in both elementary and universities to teach about computers, programming and science.

NAO is equipped with two cameras and an inertial measurement unit, allowing him to know whether he’s upright or sitting down, sensors to detect touch, four directional microphones, and has 25 degrees of movement.

Kids can use Aldebaran’s user-friendly software development tool, which allows all levels of users to create customized behaviours for their robots. These robots also have an intuitive graphical interface, a library of standard behaviours, and programming functions that can teach beginners but also grows to satisfy more experienced programmers. Plus, your child can even test program creations in a 3D environment!