Helping Your Kids With Homework

by | Parent Resources, Skill Development

Getting back into the homework habit is one thing many students struggle with at the beginning of the school year. You can help your kids get back into a routine that they can continue to follow for the entire school year. Studies prove that children who complete their home work on a regular basis consistently perform better academically.

The first place to start is by talking to your kids about their homework. Make sure they understand why they need to do homework, and try to put homework in a positive light. Ask them what kind of homework they expect to get for each class. For example, find out if they will most likely have math homework every single night, one science project a month, one book report a month, etc.

Together, you can come up with a loose schedule and timeline for homework and projects. This schedule with incorporate any extra circulars your kid is involved in to make sure there is time for everything. You should also try to set specific times for homework. Many kids perform better on homework if they are allowed 30 minutes of recreation time before beginning their homework. Include some time on the weekends for tackling larger assignments. Set aside a specific study area for your kids to do their homework. If left to do their homework in their bedrooms, they may end up turning on the TV or playing games. You may have to adjust their study space as time goes on, depending on your findings of what works, and what doesn’t.

Last but not least, make sure your kids have all of the resources they need. Do they need supplies for a project? A book from the library? A ride to project partner’s house? Ask your kids what they need to do their homework and projects. If you are unclear about homework or project guidelines, don’t hesitate to ask your child’s teacher to explain. The bottom line is that you should empower your kids with everything they need to succeed at their homework, without doing the work for them.