Have you ever felt a little sick but don’t know why? Or maybe you get unexpected headaches with no known cause. It’s possible that this is coming from your mobile device! Check out these 5 health hazards that are caused by devices.

While technology has enabled us to do many things, we will need to remember that our bodies need a break from it.



The jury is still out on the long term effects of using a cell phone that constantly transmits radiation signals. According to the World Health Organization, the radiation is classified as “possibly carcinogenic to humans”. As scientists continue to research the effects that cell phone radiation might be hav- ing on our body, it is recommended that you take precautions for limiting your mobile phone contact. Some precautionary measures include sleeping with your mobile device 6 feet away from you and avoiding falling asleep with your phone in hand or near your head.



When it comes to our eyes, smartphones can have some nega- tive effects. Some symptoms of smartphone overuse include blurred vision, eye pain, and dry eyes. If you’re experiencing these symptoms put the phone down and close your eyes for a minute. Taking a break from screens is the best way to end the strain on your eyes. Remember that television is a screen too so be careful when choosing your next activity.


Neck Pain

The way we tend to look down at our phones (or computers) puts a strain on our necks. The human body was not designed to sit hunched over a computer or smartphone every day. Not only does this position cause neck pain, but it promotes poor posture as well. Instead, try to lift up your phone to be eye level. A good solution for the computer is to put the desktop or laptop on top of a thick book or lower your chair. The goal is to have a straight back, and to keep your head and eyes forward and level with the table.


Sleep Quality

The circadian rhythm is the process that helps the body control physiological routines. LiveScience.com states that “[circadian rhythms] determine sleeping and feeding patterns, as well as brain activity, hormone production and cell regeneration.” Ac- cording to the National Sleep Foundation, when it starts getting dark outside the body creates sleep hormones such as melato- nin that help prepare the body for sleep. When we are looking at screens like our smartphones and computers, we are blocking the natural process and making it more difficult for our bodies to fall to sleep resulting in a poor sleep quality. To reduce these negative effects, put your screens away 30 minutes before bed. That means no television, tablets, computers, or phones. This will allow your body to resume its natural processes and prepare you for a better sleep.


Germs & Bacteria

When was the last time you cleaned your phone? Studies have found that a common type of bacteria found on most phones is coliform bacteria, which is a sign of fecal contamination. Re- member that the next time you put your phone up to your face! Using speaker phone or earphones is a great way to avoid this—or just clean your phone more often!