Master’s Academy and College, a K-12 school founded in Calgary in 1997, is an Alternative Christian School in the Palliser Regional School District. Master’s philosophy of Christian Education is to integrate a Biblical worldview into all aspects of student learning.

Master’s vision is to go beyond academic excellence; to prepare its students to be FUTURE READY, to be innovators, creators and leaders of change. Master’s has gained international attention for its efforts of moving education from the Industrial Age into the 21st century. Master’s builds its FUTURE READY model of education on a foundation of academic excellence and has been a finalist four times for the Garfield Weston Award for Excellence in Education by the Fraser Institute. Presently, our world is experiencing massive change in virtually every sector. This change is being driven by human ingenuity and invention.

As educators, we must ask the question, “What are we doing to prepare students for the “World of Massive Change”? In order to remain relevant, schools in today’s world must equip students with skills that go beyond the basics of academic excellence. Master’s signature is innovation and creativity, recognizing that we no longer live in an industrial age where conformity, compliance and meeting standards are the desired virtues. We now live in the creative age, where an ability to think creatively, to design innovative solutions and to see possibilities where others see impossibilities are the most sought after competencies.

The i.d. School (innovation and design) is Master’s high school’s answer to the challenges posed by massive change. i.d.School is delivered in our Innovation Centre – a “one of its’ kind” centre in Canada, where students learn critical 21st century skills through patented methods and models facilitating creativity, design-thinking, collaboration, and innovation. This is the competitive advantage our students gain by attending Master’s.


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