Edge School students balance academics and athletics while building character.

As a university preparatory program, Edge School challenges student-athletes in Grades 5-12 to achieve a level of excellence reflecting their personal best in leadership, ability, attitude and effort. Through the purposeful integration of academics, athletics and character-building, we offer an innovative learning environment where student-athletes achieve a balanced life and excellence both in the classroom, on the sports field and beyond.

Edge offers skill training academies in dance, figure skating, soccer, golf and hockey. Our flex academy program is for student-athletes training in other sports whose demanding training and competition schedule. In our model, sport is a vehicle for character development where instructors and coaches highlight fair play, teamwork and integrity in all aspects of training and competition.

Students benefit from in-house health services that include high performance training at the Duckett Performance Centre, sport psychology, academic counselling and healthy nutrition principles.

“Many staff are former competitive athletes themselves”, Edge School’s principal and CEO Cam Hodgson says. “The student body and staff have a common understanding of the challenges and are supportive of one another.”

Located in the west end of Calgary, the 170,000-square-foot Edge School and the Jim Davidson Sports Complex is a world-class athletic, recreational and community-use facility housing two NHL-sized arenas, two NBA-sized courts, two professional dance studios, a golf centre, a sports therapy clinic, and more.

Additionally, small class sizes (average of 18 to 20 students), flexible and personal learning plans that accommodate student training and competition schedules all contribute to allowing our students follow their dreams. An average of 85 percent of our graduates move directly to colleges and universities across North America.


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