Mountain View Academy (MVA) is celebrating another year of 100% graduation and Rutherford Scholarship achievements for our grade 12 class.

MVA is proving to be a leader in education, providing essential ingredients for every child’s well being, and using proven and effective techniques to help build a lifelong curiosity and love of learning.High academics and university preparatory programs are at the center of our philosophy, but what makes Mountain View Academy unique is the warm, supportive and nurturing attitude and environment.

At MVA it is essential for each child to feel safe and cared for so that they enjoy school. The development of each child’s self esteem is a key component to the school’s philosophy and is therefore the pivotal point in the planning and the execution of the daily activities. By challenging the students to think outside the box and create change, be comfortable with their final decision, receive critique and be able to have an intelligent conversation about their thought, decision and conclusion will not only allow them to get into university but to also finish their program.

The Academy focuses on both academic and personal growth by teaching homework/study techniques, stress management, problem solving with adults as well as peers, even social and business etiquette in order to ensure that each child may reach their full potential. Such awareness is possible because of MVA’s class-size (a maximum of 16 students per teacher with floating aids to help where needed). Field trips, individual support and hands-on experiences enrich their learning.

The students at MVA are strong, motivated learners, and their teachers empower them to achieve their highest potential! If you would like more information regarding this unique school and the programs offered, please call Colleen Pollock, Admissions Director at (403) 217-4346 or check out their web site at

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