Sharing and communicating is part of the human makeup and social media allows us to have the world in our hands. The feeling of closeness through social networking stems from the capability of instant engagement and global interactions. Creative inspiration is more accessible than ever before due to the rapid expansion of social media platforms. Social media tools provide a popular outlet for creative discovery and self-expression. Built-in media features allow users to create digital masterpieces directly within app interfaces, allowing open accessibility options for any age or skill group. From photo and video editing to digital painting, there is a network of creators that fits every niche. Not only are you able to share work such as photography, film, written works and illustrations, other users can offer comments and feedback which can offer the profound benefit of building self-esteem and confidence. Millions, if not billions, of people now express themselves through their creative output on social media with wildly varying degrees of success. The flood of content from creators encourages youth to exercise creativity and innovative thinking for their work to stand out amongst the crowd. Social platforms run on the basis of engagement, therefore the more unique the creative content is, the better. Informal learning can take place on online communities to further develop a child’s creative skillset. Social media reflects changing creative trends, which is beneficial to your child to aid in continuing the growth of their creativity. Creativity is essential for success in schoolwork, friendships, and a future career path. Social media’s premise is connecting and sharing, which is a perfect place for your child to find inspiration for their next passion.