5 Tips For Improving Homework Performance

by | Parent Resources, Skill Development

As your child gets older, their homework responsibilities will require more attention and time. In order to continue the success from school into the home, it is important to create a process that your child can follow everyday to get into a routine.

1. Schedule

It is important to have a scheduled time for homework everyday. Getting into a consistent routine will help your child to focus when it is time to study. To decide the best time for homework, try to schedule after any extra-curricular activities and during a time when the house will be quiet.

2. Location

Location is another important factor. Try to keep your child in an open environment where you are able to help them if needed. It is also important that this location isn’t near a television or other source of distraction.

3. Independence

It is important to avoid doing your child’s homework for them. Although it can be frustrating to watch them struggle with a problem, use constructive ways to help them to solve it. Allow your child to check their answers with you after they are done, and let them know if they need to fix something without giving them the answer.

4. Time

Sometimes your child will struggle with certain topics more than others. Rather than getting stuck on a problem for hours, help your child by dedicating a certain amount of time for them to work on each subject. The subjects they have the most trouble with should be brought to the teacher for suggestions on how to improve your child’s understanding of the topic in the classroom.

5. Address difficulties

If your child still does not understand certain material, it is important to set-up a meeting with the teacher to see how your child is behaving in class. Is your child distracted? Do they need extra help or tutoring? Identifying the issue and finding the proper solution will help your child to become less frustrated when doing homework and will improve the entire learning process.