Recent study suggests that too many extracurricular activities can be harmful

by | News, Parent Resources

There have been many studies done as to prove a positive correlation between participation in extracurricular activities and students’ academic success. These studies have shown that students who engage in other endeavours outside of school often have more consistent attendance, steady academic achievement, and aspirations for continuing education beyond high school. If those endeavours incorporate physical activity, such as a sport or dance, students often show improved attributes such as increased brain function, higher energy/concentration levels and higher self-esteem. All of these positively affect students’ lives inside and outside the classroom.

However, a recent study by Connecticut College warns that enrolling your children in too many extracurricular activities can actually be harmful to their academic performance. The study looked at 10 000 students between the ages of 15 and 16, and based on the results, experts involved advise that no more than 13 hours of lessons, clubs and classes outside of school should be attempted by children or adolescents. Students partaking in more than 17 hours of extracurricular activities saw a noticeable drop in both their grades and overall well-being.

While enrolling your children in extracurricular pursuits has a certain positive influence on their body, mind and soul, you should always encourage an equal amount of free time for your kids. This is just as important for their mental and physical well being, as it gives them a break from the pressures and stress involved with school, sports, music, dance or other endeavours.