Rundle is a private, university preparatory, co-ed day school with a proven model of mentorship and guidance located in southwest Calgary. Small class sizes, an enriched curriculum, and diverse co-curricular opportunities are pillars of our three distinct academic programs: the College (K–12), Academy (4–12), and virtual Studio (7–9). Our Academy and Studio programs specialize in teaching students with diagnosed learning disabilities with or without ADHD. All three schools come under the umbrella of Rundle College Society.

Rundle is accredited by Alberta Education, affiliated with Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS), a member of Calgary’s Independent Schools Athletic Association (CISAA), and is a designated DSEP school.

A first in Alberta education, Rundle Studio provides a dynamic, interactive online learning environment for grade 7–9 students with diagnosed learning disabilities, with or without ADHD. The school model is designed to meet their personal learning styles, regardless of geographic location.

At Rundle, we focus on character first and this continues through all facets of our Studio program. Maintaining our value of small class sizes, we have a limited intake of students while building on the success of our Academy program and delivering it through an interactive, online environment. Lead teachers are available in both real-time and on-demand videos for revisiting concepts and lessons. Teachers consider the cognitive abilities of each student and create a personalized learning journey. The goal is to grow the student’s skills from middle school through high school while supporting their unique development needs.

However, it’s more than an online experience! Our Studio students engage in a variety of experiences that take place both online and in person. Students have monthly opportunities to visit our Rundle campuses to use the campus amenities and to connect with their school community. For more information about Rundle Academy please contact or visit .

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