At Calgary Academy, we design student-centered experiences that nurture a love of learning from Kindergarten to Grade 12. For 40 years, we’ve refined our innovative Academy and Collegiate programs, woven together by our Four Pillars and guiding REACH principles, to empower unique learners to pursue lives of passion and purpose. With new program additions, including Kindergarten and Blended+, Calgary Academy helps students develop the independence, skills, and confidence to thrive in a changing world through extraordinarily small class sizes led by expert teachers.

We provide a range of experiences geared towards inspiring students to take their learning to new heights. By creating a more challenging learning environment with complex activities and immersive cross-grade collaborations, we give students the freedom to explore new experiences and topics, expanding their depth of understanding.

Our students are encouraged to support and positively challenge one another during class. The dynamic environment and team-based activities create strong bonds between students and meaningful relationships with teachers. Our students become teammates, partners and co-creators while learning to prosper in a collaborative environment.

Our Academy Program supports students who require more individualized learning, with small classes and a focus on building literacy and numeracy skills. Our Collegiate Program features small class sizes designed to empower students who are performing at or above grade level to embrace greater independence in their learning. We challenge our students to move from an environment where learning and assessment are based on what’s been taught, to an environment that pushes them to discover, explore ideas, and challenge the status quo. Calgary Academy students gain the skills and experience necessary for success in post-secondary and beyond. With a strong foundation in creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication, our students will succeed wherever life takes them.

Our newest program, Blended+, launched in 2021 and features a unique blend of online learning, engaging in-person learning, and experiential off-campus learning for Grades 9-12. Through a variety of activities to deepen learning within the greater Calgary community, and many opportunities for students to take part in traditional school extracurriculars like athletics, clubs, and trips, Blended+ students will be able to advocate for their own learning and design a school schedule unique to them that fits their lifestyle while being part of a community they can call their own.

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