Rundle College is an independent, co-educational, day school in the City of Calgary for students in Kindergarten to Grade 12. We offer 3 unique programs: Rundle College Primary/Elementary (Kindergarten to Grade 6), Rundle College Junior/Senior High (Grades 7-12) and Rundle Academy (Grade 4-12 learning disability program). For more information on Rundle Academy, look under “Special Needs Schools” in this publication. Rundle College is accredited by Alberta Education, affiliated with CAIS (Canadian Accredited Independent Schools) and a member of Calgary’s Independent Schools Athletic Association. Rundle College students have average to superior academic ability and are challenged by the rigorous academic curriculum. Our school nurtures the academic, social and emotional development of our students, focusing on developing well-rounded individuals prepared for life beyond the classroom. Our top priority at Rundle is to maintain small class sizes ranging from 6-14 students. Our students achieve their full potential and are highly engaged in their learning, resulting in strong academic performance. Rundle teachers are dedicated and enthusiastic with numerous teaching specialists in both academic and complimentary courses. Rundle College is well known for its exceptional extracurricular programs and students develop leadership skills, independence, social and team building skills through a variety of activities. Students participate in an array of athletic intramurals, outstanding sports teams, clubs, second languages, music, and drama programs. At Rundle we have an extensive field trip and travel program that provides opportunities for students to apply their knowledge both in our community and abroad. Rundle’s humanitarian program highlights the importance of giving back to society and develops our students as compassionate global citizens. For more information about Rundle College please contact or visit

Primary/Elementary (K-Grade 6)

W.J. Collett School Ph: (403) 282 8411 | Fax: (403) 282 4460 General inquiries: 7615 17th Avenue SW Calgary, Alberta T3H 3W5

Jr. Sr. High (Grades 7-12)

R.C. Conklin School Ph: (403) 250 7180 General inquiries: 7375 17th Avenue SW Calgary, Alberta  T3H 3W5

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