Parent Involvement Matters

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What parents should know

It’s no secret that the home is the first most important school a child will ever have and parents, recognized for being the primary and most enduring educator, play a major role in their child’s education and future success. But, in a world that continually advances, one of the biggest problems facing school systems today is the lack of parent involvement.

For more than 30 years researchers have been observing how parent attitudes influence a child’s academic performance, and the effects it has on academic success. While it seems that some parents struggle to be involved, studied results indicate that parents who give education a high priority make a big difference in the way their child respects and exercises their educational abilities in the classroom and the real world.

At any grade level, the less a parent is involved in their child’s education the more difficult it will be for the child to excel in his or her classroom and develop learning skills. As a parent, the value you put on your child’s education is powerful and reaches far beyond the education system. When getting involved in your child’s education, starting at an early age is beneficial but not critical. At home, provide a suitable learning environment that is structured and gives support and guidance to your child. This enables them with the opportunity to be a more confident, successful student and will allow for more pronounced results that are long lasting.

Fun Tidbits about Effective Parent Involvement

When parents are powerfully drawn in to their child’s academics and exercise the importance of education it is in the child’s best interest as a student that they will be more likely to:

  • Receive higher grades
  • Earn better test scores
  • Pass classes
  • Go to school on a regular basis\attain a better social skill set
  • Have improved behaviour and a better attitude towards school
  • Finish homework and assignments
  • Graduate and continue to post-secondary
  • Be held in higher esteem by their child’s teacher
  • Be more confident as a parent, and will form a partnership with their child in education

While parent involvement has a positive effect for you and your child, remember to develop yourself with your child. This is vital to shaping your child’s academic survival and schooling success. If you care enough to see your child succeed in the future, make the effort to be involved in their lives and education to help them achieve at the highest level possible.


It was found in a study that in two-parent households, as well as single father households, where the father figures were highly involved in their child’s school, the more the child would academically succeed, participate in extracurricular activities and enjoy school.