Back To School Yoga

by | Health

For many kids, going back to school can bring about many emotions and feelings including nervousness, excitement and pure joy. Going back to school gives children the chance to see all of their friends again and perhaps get back into their fitness routine – gym class at the minimum, but also any extracurricular activities they may be involved in. Outdoor activities are great for the fall season, but indoor activities take the forefront once the cooler weather arrives. Indoor fitness is essential because it allows children to stay active over the winter months when outdoor activities aren’t as feasible.

A child’s learning and well-being is greatly affected by how much exercise that they experience in a given day. The Mental Health Foundation states that 30 minutes of physical exercise daily can help concentration levels, and self-esteem. The higher levels of concentration and self-esteem can help a child in school and provide them with a stronger sense of self and pride.

Yoga is a great way for kids to get the minimum recommended physical exercise they need per day. Who knows, they may enjoy it so much that they forget they’re exercising.

Physically, yoga will enhance a child’s coordination, body awareness, strength and flexibility. Most studios that offer a kid’s type of yoga will follow the Asana style or practice. The Asana style uses music and combines creativity, meditation and movement. Through this class, children will become more aware of their bodies and will generate a greater sense of awareness through their ability to move.

During a typical Asana style practice, students will have the opportunity to take the role of animals, trees or flowers. Being one with nature and the earth is a common theme and kids love this environment because it provides them with the opportunity to express their emotions through different poses and forms.

Whether or not your child is interested in yoga, or another type of fitness, fitness is essential for the well-being of your child, which will in turn help them during school. A child that has strong concentration levels will aid in their success academically.