5 Reasons Why Your Child Should Watch More TV

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Does allowing your child to watch higher quality television programs influence their learning habits in school? Studies suggest that this educational television time does in fact improve your child’s school performance. In some cases, it’s not about turning off the TV, but rather changing the channel to give your child the most benefit from television viewing.

1. Kids who watch educational shows are less aggressive

Children who watch educational TV shows grow-up to be less aggressive than their counterparts. Educational programs tend to make children more prepared in school, as they provide increased background information and insight into a topic that students can bring into the classroom.

2. TV makes your child smarter

Studies on children and television show that children between the ages of 3 and 5 who watched Sesame Street performed better in school. These children had higher overall GPA’s, gravitated to reading more books and placed more value on educational achievement. With the influx of new “child-friendly” television programs, it’s important to distinguish if the television program is truly educational for your child.

3. Kids can learn about a variety of subjects

Documentaries and nature shows are a great way to incorporate education into an entertaining program. TV is a great way for your child to learn about anything that they may not know much about, ranging from South American culture to documentaries on Llamas.

4. TV can inspire your child to try something new

When children see their favourite character involved in an activity, they tend to recreate that activity in their home. Try this out by designing a treasure hunt complete with a map – Dora the Explorer style.

5. Family TV time encourages active questions

When you watch TV as a family, encourage your children to ask questions (if they’re at that stage). Talk to your child about the TV show and the actions that the characters take, and try to relate the character to your child’s life. This will help your child to have a new perspective on the characters actions.

How much television is permitted in your household? How do you feel about television contributing to education?

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