Tips For A Productive Homework Space

In today’s day and age, homework is routinely given out to children in grades as young as kindergarten. By creating a welcoming and comfortable area in your home that is distraction-free, you can establish good homework habits for your child. This is something parents should begin to consider as early as preschool. It’s highly unlikely that your child will jump at the idea of doing homework, but by establishing a spot that your child can call his or her own and enjoy being in can have a large role in minimizing homework battles before they begin. Below is a list of ideas to keep in mind that will help found excellent homework habits as you plan your child’s workspace:


Get your child to help set up the homework area.

Decorate and organize the work-space with your child to create ownership and appeal. By allowing your child to contribute and have a say in how their workspace is arranged will appeal to your child and increase his or her motivation to do homework. In giving your child the power to make small decisions will also make homework more enjoyable and seem less like a task.


Have school supplies on hand.

Put colourful crayons, markers, pencils and other fun art and school supplies your child will need to do his or her homework within easy reach. Find storage containers and anything else you find suitable and necessary, but remember to make supplies easily accessible and always kept in the same place.


Make sure the TV is turned off.

Minimize any noise and distractions so that your child will be able to focus on their homework. Ask family members and other surrounding people to respect your child’s homework time by disregarding phone conversations nearby and doing quiet activities that could complement your child’s homework time, such as reading or drawing.


Clean the clutter and let there be light.

Make sure your child’s homework area is neat, organized, mess-free and well-lit so he or she can see comfortably. Homework should be done every night. Make certain that enough time is set up in the evening so your child doesn’t feel rushed, and can take the time he or she needs to settle comfortably and thoroughly do work.


Be flexible.

Your child may decide that he or she wants to lie down on the floor and do homework instead of at his or her home-work area. Because younger children usually don’t get homework that takes hours to complete, as long as your child is comfortable and finishes their homework, allow him or her choose how they want to work. Acknowledge and support your child’s work style, do not push him or her to do things one way or another.

By working with your child to create a homework space that he or she likes and can stay consistent with, as with any good habits, you are helping to set up great work routines that your child will use for the rest of their life.