Is Private Education the Right Choice for Your Child?

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The cases between private and public schools have always been strong ones. Public schools offer more diverse options in curriculum, have special education classes for those with learning disabilities, and teachers are certified educational instructors. While these are all important points to think about when choosing which school to place your child in, there are also many other aspects that must be considered.

One thing that private schools offer their students that public schools cannot are smaller class sizes. The average class size of a Calgary public school for grades 10-12 is 26 students. Private school classes typically average 13 students. With smaller class sizes, teachers are better able to instruct their students on the required curriculum, and students that require special attention are able to have more one-on-one time with their instructor to better understand what is being taught.

From textbooks to computers to bathrooms, private schools also offer better equipment for their students than public schools. Since private schools are paid for by tuition, and not by taxes, school administration is able to put more money towards purchasing up-to-date textbooks, modern computer and lab equipment, and maintaining school facilities. In a private school, students are not required to share equipment or work from old textbooks.

While public schools may offer more diverse options in curriculum than private schools, private schools make up for this by focusing on more specific topics. In a public school, teachers are required to fill their curriculum with so much content that they are not able to spend the proper amount of time on each topic. Private schools are able to spend more time on fewer topics, which allows the student to gain a deeper understanding of the subject, as opposed to just skimming the surface.

Public schools can offer a lot for their students, however private schools are just better equipped to offer more.